Dymo Printers
Printer issues are often due to incorrectly loaded labels, a label jam, or a dirty print roller.
Start by having the customer inspect the physical printer:

1. Is the blue light on and solid?
    a. Not on.
       i. Check power source
       ii. Refer to Dymo if unable to get it on.
    b. Not solid (blinking)
       i. Reload labels, unplug/replug, etc.
       ii. Refer to Dymo if unable to resolve.
2. Does hitting the button on the front spit out a blank label?
    a. No?
       i. Reload labels (make sure the hole between each label is on the left and the part that ges printed on faces down)
       ii. Have them unload the labels and inspect the roller for sticker goo, dirt, label pieces, etc.
       iii. Clean the printer
3. Print sample text from NotePad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac).
    a. This uses the printer drivers directly and helps determine if the printer is not communicating with the computer at all or if there is a communication problem between KidCheck and the              printer.

Delayed Printing

Step 1: Remove Drivers from Computer
1. Disconnect printer from computer's USB port
2. Exit the KidCheck (from the Windows System Tray in bottom right)
3. Remove the DYMO printer from Devices and Printers in Control Panel
4. Navigate to C:/Program Files (x86)/DYMO/DYMO Label Software/Support/LWSupport.exe
5. Once the LWSupport app is open choose to remove DYMO drivers
6. If drivers remove successfully move to Step 2 below
7. If driver removal is unsuccessful, restart the computer and try again then move on to Step 2 below

Step 2: Reinstall New Drivers
1. From Dymo.com, go to the printer product page. (Likely: http://www.dymo.com/en-US/labelwriter-450-label-printer#tabContainer)
2. Navigate to the Support Section > select View All under Drivers and Downloads
3. Find the appropriate driver package (not the full DYMO label Software v8.x, just the drivers)
    * This should be something like LabelWriter 300, 400, 450 Series Print Drivers, Windows Vista/7 (64bit) (if 64 bit doesn't work use 32 or first confirm within "System" of Windows the version          type)
4. Install the new drivers (just click on the download to run it)
5. Plug the printer back into the computer and let Windows re-install in in Devices and Printers
6. Re-start the KidCheck Client to make sure it finds the newly installed printer
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